Crab claw Necklace


Although the crab lives its life alternating between land and water, its symbolic value focuses on the water element. The moon and its respective lunar themes are also prominent in crab symbolism across cultures and different spiritual realms, with crabs looking to the moon as a guide.
For humans, this crustacean is a sign of protection, notably because of its hard exoskeletal shell. The crab animal totem reminds us that we can wear our own protective armor when we need to, and that we should not hesitate to do so if it means securing our place on our chosen path.
In addition to self-protection and defense, crabs symbolize emotions, trust, and the cyclical nature of life. At some point in their lives, crabs dump one shell in exchange for another, symbolizing a point of rebirth in their life cycle.

Silver Roseplated Crab Hand Necklace .





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