Pavlos Sarikizoglou ,the man behind Paul sarz Jewellery ,was born in Athens ,Greece in 1983.He studied BA Jewellery design in the Silver -Gold Smithery School of Athens in 2000-2003 and then worked for six years as an assistant jewellery designer for famous brands with the Small Jewellery Company .

Paul Sarz design is strongly influenced by the mourning and sentimental jewellery of the 19th century, as well as the long lost arts of alchemy and sorcery. Paul’s creations rely on symbolism, yet have a naturalistic orientation. Enamel, silver, semiprecious stones meet shades of gold in Paul’s handmade collections.All materials are 100% natural and obtained in accordance to environmental preservation.
Paul's inspired jewellery designs have appeared in a number of publications including Casa Viva,
Cosmopolitan, Lucky magazine , AirFrance magazine, NBC Los Angeles and The Guardian .
Nowadays he exhibits in Capsule New York, Ecoluxe London and Femmina Athens. His creations can be found in his boutique in Athens and in selected stores all over Europe.

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photos:Angelos Panoskaltsis